Chronic Back Pain

How to diagnose and treat chronic pain of the back and spine

Chronic back pain is the worst type of back pain a person can suffer, as it can go one for months, years, or even a lifetime. It is highly essential to treat backache as soon as possible through various over-the-counter-drugs and other remedies available to alleviate the pain. If back pain is ignored or untreated for long, it becomes chronic and continues to torture at all times of day and night.   If this situation sounds all to family to you, we can provide relief from your pain.  We specialize in chronic pain of the back and spine and have helped thousands of pain sufferers.

There are a number of reasons why people often suffer from this kind of ailment. The most common reasons we experience are job related, heavy lifting or an accident.  Chronic can can be caused by sprained ligaments or muscles as well are more severe conditions that if left untreated could be serious or even life threatening.

The day-to-day life of a person suffering from chronic back pain is affected since he may have to cut down on physical activities or it may leave him disabled. Chronic back pain can also cause insomnia, and being chronically fatigued from the pain can negatively impact your mood, making you feel like nothing is going your way.   This can impact your relationships, job performance, overall heath and self-esteem.   Let our team of experts find the underlying cause of your pain issue so that treatment can begin and you can regain the life you had before chronic pain ensued.

Each patient has a different story regarding their chronic back pain, and we have heard both sound and medically unproved methods to alleviate this pain.   Before risking further damage or allowing an ongoing problem to reduce the quality of your life, let us help.

Chronic Back Pain vs. Acute Back Pain

Unlike some temporary types of pain that will go away in time, chronic back pain is there to stay and very hard to deal with at times. Chronic back pain starts out involving just the muscles in a certain area. Soon, your whole body gets into the act because all the muscles act together as a unit. The back muscles in the human body are really strong and are naturally meant to take a lot of strain. But there is a limit to everything. Reaching beyond that limit can cause the back muscles to cramp up painfully and get inflamed, causing the chronic back pain. People suffering from severe backache usually find it difficult to sleep. Improper sleep will only add more stress to the backache. Hence, the right way to sleep during back pains putting least stress on the spine is to sleep on your side with your knees bending at a 90-degree angle, or to sleep on your back by placing a pillow beneath your knees.

There are many other different things that can be done to help relieve chronic back pain. You may have considered  taking massage therapy treatment  or used various creams and over the counter medications.   Massage sessions can reduce chronic back pain temporarily but long term it is important that you see a doctor as soon as possible for a complete diagnosis. 

To avoid some of  these symptoms of chronic back pain, make sure you stretch before regular exercise. Walking for 15 to 30 minutes in the morning may already help you lessen your chances of acute pain from the aforementioned condition.

Living with back pain is a very difficult thing. If you suffer from severe chronic back pain, your best bet is to do your research and find the option that is best for you. Make sure to discuss with your doctor the best solution for your specific situation. If you need more Back Pain answers then quickly head over to United Pain Specialists where you will find helpful back pain tips, advice and resources including information on chronic back pain, lower back pain, and Chronic Back Pain information.

Do you have Chronic Back Pain?  What you should know?

Do you suffer from chronic low back pain? You not alone. It is one of the most common pain problems.  It is one of the leading causes of doctor visits. Good thing   there are many treatments available to reduce pain. Before speaking   treatments, talk about some of the causes and symptoms.

What are the causes  lumbar back pain?

Casuists back problems and arthritis, herniated discs   or chronic problems in sensitive areas can cause pain.   Sometimes the pain is causes by a nerve have been damaged.   Often, several problems occur at the same time. Anxiety and other   Psychological factors may partly determine the severity of pain,   duration and potential impact on your life.

What are the symptoms?

Many people suffer from limited motion.   Some people do not and can bend it forward, lie down or stay   unemployed. Some people have pain that goes down the leg or foot.   Other people experience tingling or numbness. There are many patients   they can not function normally because of pain. Depression   is a problem that is more frecuentement in patients with   chronic low back pain in the general population. often   patients present with insomnia and fatigue.

What should I expect during the diagnosis of chronic back pain?

Pain in the lower or upper back that lasts for more  three months what we call chronic. The pain is not relieved   be evaluated by a doctor. Your doctor should take a medical history   and complete family. You should also do a physical exam   full blood test. You owe it to describe the pain   your doctor. Tell the doctor where the pain is and how   began. Tell him about the intensity.

Your doctor may recommend blood tests and x-rays.   Magnetic resonance imaging or MRI is used to view   your spine, muscles and nerves. Tomography   scan allows your doctor to see the bones and intervertebral discs   on his back. Occasions needed in other studies such as xylography   or electro diagnostic studies.

Latest Developments Regarding Chronic Pain

Recent statistics show that in industrialized countries40% of the population suffers from chronic back pain, (i.e. they have continuous pain for 4 to 7 months). It seems that this problem is escalating and there are many attempts to solve it. But instead of improving the overall situation, it seems to me that every year there are more cases.

Chronic back pain is very complex and multifaceted, so there is no single solution. Doctors say that many factors, both physical and psychological, can affect the intensity of your back pain. But in recent years, scientists say, ever more insistently that the perpetrators of evil are native muscles of the spine, referring to the deep muscles of the back should provide stability and protection to the motion segments . There is a strong likelihood that the basic problem is the instability that causes pain initially only short and rare episodes but over time the pain increased in frequency and intensity, and finally remain, creating what is known as chronic pain. In addition, at the same time, the instability can wear on the discs, vertebrae and spinal joints.

X-rays, CT scans and MRIs detect herniated disc protrusions and other pathologies. And the pain continues.
This scientifically proven that back pain in more than 80% of cases originated in segmental instability of the spine, in other words the source of pain is the lack of muscle strength, more precisely the weakness and in many cases the native muscle atrophy of the spine.

According to statistics, over 85% of cases, the pain diminishes or disappears using the method of selective muscle strengthening against progressive resistance.  Rehabilitation to strengthen the muscles get selectively need to meet several requirements, remain essential technology and methodology appropriate. The main thing is to isolate the weak muscles of the injured segments.

With the progressive realization is achieved healing of injured structures and the improvement in spinal function.

Abstract: solution the problem of "chronic back pain is improved spinal function, increased stability by selective muscle strengthening.

Methods aimed at reducing the pain that will get as much relieving pain short term and not persistent. These methods, which are passive methods (meditation, massage, electrotherapy, heat, cold, laser, acupuncture, etc..) Can cause permanent passenger does not result, can be a complement in a given time, but none of the above methods will change the deficit of the column.

Physical activity is part of the medical recommendation for treatment of chronic back ailments. In many cases the recommended exercises are not effective: swimming, for example, is a good exercise for the cardiovascular system, but is not specific enough to repair injuries and also to compensate for deficits in the spine.

The well-known abdominal exercises are part of an overall program, but not worth as essential exercises. In the treatment of chronic back pain is not important to do something that makes you feel good, but something that makes you feel better.


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